Times are a changin’

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and this day will take place in Private Kindergarten – similar to Kindergarten, but for young ones like me and my friends whose parents aren’t ready to let them go.

Anyway, Private K is different from what I’ve been doing because it is going to be a lot more learning and work. I’m excited to get started – I woke up early with a smile on my face and was rushing mommy to get us there in time. Once we got there, I showed mommy my new room. There are a lot of books, computers, a stage for puppet shows, a fish, and a turtle (tortuga in Español). I also have like 5 of my close homies with me and some new ones for me to train – hopefully my other homies will help the newbies learn how I like things to run.

We still get to take a nap for an hour if we want to. Daddy keeps telling me that he wishes he had to take a nap every day. I think that’s kind of silly, but mommy wishes she could too so it must be tiring being an adult, because it couldn’t be tiring being my mommy and daddy, right?

Anyway, with all the new and exciting stuff, there is one major life change I am making – I am not bringing Mama Lion to school with me anymore. Now understand, ML has been by my side since I was a kid. I mean she was one of the first things I remember. She has slept with me every day of my life; gone every place I have gone even if she just stayed in the car. We’ve sailed the  seas, flown the friendly skies, gone on road trips,and traveled internationally together – and I’m not just talking about Georgia. Now, she will stay home by herself while I grow up. She will have to trust that I will be safe because she no longer can watch over me and protect me from anyone or anything. She must have faith that others will treat me well and include me in their games. She will have to rely on someone else to care for me during the day and hear from them if my tummy hurts. She’ll have to believe that she will be the first one I hug when I get home. And she will have to find comfort in the fact that she will be the first one I say good morning to and the last one I say goodnight to, both with a hug and a kiss.

As much as she will miss me, I will miss her. She has been my security blanket forever, but I am growing up. That doesn’t mean I will forget though. The video below is a little look back on our time together.

(Side note: I also have a Daddy Lion, but he isn’t nearly as important to me as Mama Lion and I can tell them apart in a second.) 

Life’s a beach….

….or at least I wish it was.

We closed out our vacation in Galveston, but we weren’t closing anything out until we went to the beach. I usually spend time at our community beach club, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing. We spent 5 – 6 hours at the beach mainly playing in the water. At first, I was a little apprehensive about being in water where I couldn’t see the bottom, but jumping a few waves, laughing endlessly, and swallowing a few quarts of salt water helped me get over that pretty quickly. I had mommy and daddy in the water for most of the time we were there. When we were done, we were pooped.

We also built sand castles with moats and tunnels connecting them and the beach was pretty nice – no visible signs of BP’s oil spill. This isn’t to say there are no more effects of the spill, but I don’t want to get too heavy in my post – it’s vacation and I want to chill – okay, a year later and there are still 1.1 million barrels of oil still missing from the spill, but I digress.

Moving on….daddy and mommy did say that when I get a little older, we will go to the Caribbean where the water is so clear you can see your toes wiggle. For now Galveston will have to do and that is alright by me – I had a blast and I’ve got the tan to prove it.

10, 9, 8, 7…..blast off!

So NASA Space Center in Houston was next on our list and since most everything we were going to see was inside, we were pumped. I was pretty excited to see rockets, moon rocks, and space suits. All those were there and some other stuff that was way above my head. We also got to watch a cool video there, play some games, and tour the training facility so I was happy. Whether you believe we really went to the moon or not, this is a definite visit when in the area. I’ll definitely get more out of it when I get older so we will go back a few more times I’m sure.

What’s the difference?

Take a look at the photos below and let me know if you see anything different.

Besides me trying to look silly while taking the picture, the one I’m looking “super” in is the first day of me being 5 YEARS OLD!!! The other one is so 4 years old.


5 years ago I changed my mommy and daddy’s life forever – and everyone I come in contact for that matter. They never knew how much their lives would change for the much better. Everyday is something new for us all and together we move forward. I’m going to make 5 years old the best year ever!

Day 2

So on day two of our family vacation we headed to Sea World. I’m sure mommy and daddy had good intentions, but they had to have known it was going to be over 100 degrees in the middle of August in Texas, right?  And they had to have known we would be walking all day, right? Both were true, but I’m also sure they knew how much fun we would have. I was able to scratch a couple of things off my list of things to do before I turn 5 (subtle mention that my birthday is coming SOON).  Feed dolphins – check. Ride a roller coaster – check. See killer whales  do silly tricks – check. While this doesn’t necessarily make me the most interesting man in the world (about 18 seconds in is my fav), it may very well make me the most interesting 4 year about to be 5 year old (second subtle mention) in the world.

I thought things couldn’t get any cooler than exploring caves, but Sea World sure did give it a run for its money. I mean, who gets to feed dolphins….besides the other few thousand people who were there with us? I didn’t have any problem holding the fish to feed the dolphins, but the smell was pretty bad.  I was able to tolerate it all for the dolphins – Blue Voice anyone? Maybe I’ll just boycott tuna or something more practical for someone of my advancing age (third mention).

I also got to ride a lot of rides, but the most fun for me was riding the roller coaster with mommy. She said that daddy was too scared to ride the roller coaster (daddy didn’t deny it), but that she loved them and would always ride them with me. Did I mention the roller coaster looked like SHAMU – too cool! Oh, and we also rode this big ride that made my tummy tickle so much. It was a water ride that took us so high that when we hit the bottom, we made a huge splash that got us all soaked. It was so scary fun. I do want it noted that the only one of us that screamed was daddy and he screamed like a little girl.

We ended our day watching Shamu do some cool tricks. Those whales are amazing – so big, but can do such cool things with their bodies. Way cool.

We finished the day with dinner at the Magic Time Machine. Food wasn’t great, but the atmosphere was silly. We had Minnie Mouse wait on us and we saw Shaggy and Velma along with some other silly stuff like a salad bar in a car. We also had someone make us all balloon animals. Overall, the day was cool. Next stop – NASA Space Center in Houston.

So easy a caveman could do it

So it’s been a month since I posted last – way too long if you ask me, but I’ve been busy playing and stuff and I’m four so get over it. I will again promise to be better. This week should be better because I’m on vacation and want to keep you posted on what I’ve got going on this week.

Sunday started the beginning of our road trip through the great state of Texas. First stop for us was Natural Bridge Caverns outside of San Antonio. Now, I’ve never been spelunking before so this was an exciting moment for me. I got to go 180 feet below the surface – below the dirt, worms, trees, and rocks. The tour we went on was about 3/4 of a mile – half down hill which means the other half was uphill. I handled it like a champ – so easy a caveman could do it. Although I must admit that there were areas where it was steep and that had me working my legs out a little. Oh, and it was over 70% humidity in there so I was sweaty, too.

All of the sweat and hard work was well worth it to see a cave for the first time. We got to see stalactites (on the ceiling), stalagmites (on the ground), c0lumns (where the two meet), soda straws, and more cool stuff. We couldn’t touch any of them because of the oil in our skin deteriorates the formations. Of course, when they told me I couldn’t touch them, that’s when I wanted to touch them more – I didn’t though.

All in all, it was a great time exploring. Next stop Shamu and Sea World, then off to NASA, and Galveston for a couple of days.

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