My green period

I’ve been exploring my inner-artist a lot lately and today I got to show it off at school along with some of my friends. Now, keep in mind I could have probably gone the safe and simple route in drawing a cat, but I decided to add my own little touch. I decided to draw in green  – not because that was the only color my teacher gave me, but because I felt that truly captured my feeling at the time. I wasn’t feeling envious either. I just felt that was the color that moved me at the time. Before you go thinking that Brock is the next Van Eyck and my cat doesn’t make sense, understand that the teacher actually drew his hat because he didn’t know how to draw one. And my inspiration was more Matisse meets Picasso meets Van Gogh with two ears that is.


I’m trippin’….

….field tripping that is. Yesterday was my first ever field trip. We went to the Chestnut Square Historic Village’s pumpkin patch. I was so excited about this trip that was was counting down for like 2 weeks. And when the day came, I was ready to go. I didn’t give my mommy a hard time getting ready for school. As a matter of fact, I was rushing her to get going. My folks were a little nervous about my first field trip and all. Daddy kept telling me that if they left me in the van, I was suppose to scream at the top of my lungs and bang on all the windows. I asked him why I wouldn’t just open the door.

Anyway, we got to do all kinds of cool things at Chestnut Square – scavenger hunts, petting zoos, face-painting, lunch, etc. I tried to feed the goats, but they were too full so I was standing there with food in my hand. Not so bad since the alternative was goat spit. All in all it was a great day and a great first field trip.

This was a scary bat painted on my face

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