10 years later….

….Americans still don’t understand….loved ones ask why….suspicion rises when someone of Middle Eastern decent boards a plane….American servicemen and women serve with more pride and conviction….stories of heroes from that day are still told….children rely on fading memories and pictures to remember parents lost….parents’ hearts still ache for children lost…..tears still fall….

9/11 Memorial at the site of the Twin Towers

I wasn’t alive 10 years ago, but my mommy and daddy remember how life was before and after America fell victim to the largest attack on civilians on U.S. soil. They remember learning words that before the Towers fell meant nothing , but became synonymous with loss, hurt, and hate – jihad, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. But mommy and daddy also remember the words that became synonymous with pride, hero, and hope – FDNY, NYPD, United We Stand. They know that my world will be different from their world just as theirs was different from their parents’, but they wrestle with how to teach me evil forces exist without fostering fear or prejudice. Then again, that’s the challenge for all Americans.

These links provide interesting and touching perspectives and reinforce the notion that we will never forget.



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