So all of those hanging in suspense as to whether I would take a picture on picture day at school Friday – the answer is an emphatic YES!

I had been telling my mommy and daddy all week that they needed to make sure I looked handsome for my picture Friday, but not sure they believed I would go through with it since I’ve said that before and not followed through. This time, however, they upped their incentive – no limit Toys R Us trip for all little boys named Parker who not only took a picture, but smiled – that’s where I come in. I got up there and smiled my little rear end off. I was thinking a more candid smile, but they wanted something more posed so I rolled with whatever they said to hold up my end of the bargain so I could get paid. Keep in mind, my folks were willing to resort to bribery because I have only taken my picture professionally since my one year old pictures unless you count the one where I barely looked up and kept my hat on.  So this way, everyone gets what they want – win/win.

I’ll post the pics when I get them so stay tuned.

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