Picture this!

This is proof that I did hold up my end of the bargain with my folks to take my picture. Like I said, the poses I had and smile originally was much better than this, but this is what happens when the photographer misses his window of opportunity – it’s all about timing. Instead of getting the whole big “cheese” smile, he got something more like the Mona Lisa – not bad company if you ask millions of art scholars and fans.

Anyway, this may not land me a toothpaste commercial or anything, but my folks sure are proud of me for getting up there and taking my picture. I was nervous, but I was still brave enough to do it….for a price that is – show me the money toys!



So all of those hanging in suspense as to whether I would take a picture on picture day at school Friday – the answer is an emphatic YES!

I had been telling my mommy and daddy all week that they needed to make sure I looked handsome for my picture Friday, but not sure they believed I would go through with it since I’ve said that before and not followed through. This time, however, they upped their incentive – no limit Toys R Us trip for all little boys named Parker who not only took a picture, but smiled – that’s where I come in. I got up there and smiled my little rear end off. I was thinking a more candid smile, but they wanted something more posed so I rolled with whatever they said to hold up my end of the bargain so I could get paid. Keep in mind, my folks were willing to resort to bribery because I have only taken my picture professionally since my one year old pictures unless you count the one where I barely looked up and kept my hat on.  So this way, everyone gets what they want – win/win.

I’ll post the pics when I get them so stay tuned.

Don’t be a fool, go to school

A lot of people have been asking how my school is going and the short answer is that it is going GREAT! I’m totally into learning and we do a lot of that so I really enjoy the whole experience. I really like writing on the board when they ask me how to write certain letters, count how many pennies are on the board, etc. I have really made a concerted effort to show the teacher what I know – I think she’s impressed, therefore she is.

I also get my name on the board every day, but for us that is a good thing. You only get your name on the board if you behave and do things right – hands to yourself, stand in line, listen, raise your hand, etc. I’ve gotten my name on the board every day, except when the teacher forgot to write it up there. I’m trying to get the record books changed to reflect that because I don’t want my perfect record to be tarnished by the incompetence of someone else.

Nevertheless, I really like my teacher. She is super sweet and not all up in my grill – she knows I need about 10 minutes in the morning to get going before I want people coming up to me. BTW this may seem like a while, but keep in mind when I first started going to this place it took me about an hour, then it went to 3o minutes and now it’s down to 10 minutes so I am evolving.

Having some of my homies I’ve known for a couple of years also makes the whole experience even that much more fun and enjoyable for me. Below is a clip of us in my class and in our after school class.

Oh, BTW picture day is Friday – stay tuned to see whether or not I actually take pics this time around.


10 years later….

….Americans still don’t understand….loved ones ask why….suspicion rises when someone of Middle Eastern decent boards a plane….American servicemen and women serve with more pride and conviction….stories of heroes from that day are still told….children rely on fading memories and pictures to remember parents lost….parents’ hearts still ache for children lost…..tears still fall….

9/11 Memorial at the site of the Twin Towers

I wasn’t alive 10 years ago, but my mommy and daddy remember how life was before and after America fell victim to the largest attack on civilians on U.S. soil. They remember learning words that before the Towers fell meant nothing , but became synonymous with loss, hurt, and hate – jihad, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. But mommy and daddy also remember the words that became synonymous with pride, hero, and hope – FDNY, NYPD, United We Stand. They know that my world will be different from their world just as theirs was different from their parents’, but they wrestle with how to teach me evil forces exist without fostering fear or prejudice. Then again, that’s the challenge for all Americans.

These links provide interesting and touching perspectives and reinforce the notion that we will never forget.



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