Long weekend….

I started my holiday weekend off early last week. I played hooky from school Friday and didn’t intend to go back until Wednesday of this week. I was so excited to be spending so much time with mommy and daddy.

Saturday we woke up and headed to my Uncle David’s lake house at Possum Kingdom Lake. We were planning on staying the weekend just playing in the water and enjoying some time off. It couldn’t have been cooler. Tio and his crew even went so it was time to play.

The first day we went out on the boat and it started raining. The rain was coming down so hard and we were moving so fast that it felt like it was hailing on us. The water stung when it hit us because we were trying to race through it as fast as we could. Mommy was shielding me with towels and life jackets so I was good. After getting through the rain, we cruised over to Hell’s Gate (hopefully I will be able to place a video of Shad jumping from the cliff later). There were so many boats there and so many people just partying it up. That is definitely on my to-do list when I get older – I need to start saving for a boat now!

The next day mommy, daddy and I headed out on a Sea-Doo. We cruised out a little bit and then the Sea-Doo overheated and we were stranded. It wasn’t like Castaway or anything since there were hundreds of boats on the lake, but daddy did have to hop off and keep us from crashing into the rocks. Eventually, cousin Garrett came by and went to get help. By that time though, our Sea-Doo started again and we made it home. We were all done with all the lake toys and decided to just float in the lake  by Uncle David’s place. We did this for hours so you would think my tan was in high effect, but the sunscreen my folks put on me is like SPF 1000 so I got very little sun. Although my scalp was a little tender from the sun.

Later that night, it was time for some Fourth of July fireworks. We watched from on top of Uncle David’s house and they were booming! I use to be scared of the loud pops and booms of the fireworks – that may be from the time Tio was playing with some bottle rockets and slipped and fell and they shot off in our direction. Now we all take cover when Tio has fireworks in his hand. BTW I loved the fireworks – no longer scared of them – can’t wait for more.

Tuesday, mommy, daddy, and I just chilled out and went to see the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. It was long, but very cool. I won’t go into a whole big review, but worth the time even if Megan Fox isn’t in the movie for whatever reason.

This Bud's for you Tio!

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