Big Week

This past week was the first week after Fall Break/Thanksgiving and boy did it hurt. It hurt to go to bed early, but even more so waking up early. It’s not that I’m not a morning person per se – I just don’t like being told to do something and sure don’t want to start my day off that way – “wake up.” Besides the early hours, it was hard not being around my mommy and daddy. During break I got to spend every day and all day with them. I even got to see grannie and nanny.

The week did get better as the week went on. We get stars if we’re good and do what we’re suppose to do at school and once we get the whole sheet of stars we can bring something for show-and-tell. I know what people who know me are probably saying – talking in front of the class wouldn’t motivate me to be good – but you would be surprised because that’s what I kept talking about. At least until the night before show-and-tell when I got super nervous.

So my first priority for show-and-tell was to determine what I was going to bring. I could bring my super cool Hulk Hands, or one of my Batman cars, or an Angry Bird plush toy, or a remote control car….the list goes on. Nope, I decided that I would bring the one thing I thought was the coolest thing I own…..the one constant in my life (for dramatic effect)….the one thing that always makes me smile….Mama Lion. Yep, I brought her! I had to give her a bath first and figure out what I was going to say, but she was going to school with me to be shown and told about and every kid in that class was going to listen.

When the time came the next morning for me to go to school, I was super nervous so I brought the shield mommy and daddy bought for me to take away some of my nervousness – and it worked because I got up in front of the whole class and said loudly and clearly, “This is my lion. I have had her for 6 years. My mommy and daddy gave her to me and I sleep with her every night.”  Yep, while I could have brought a much more macho item so show-and-tell, I went the sensitive route – the road less traveled by young boys like myself – I’m just that secure.

To top off the week, we had Friday Live again. And this time, I DANCED!! Yep, pretty big week for me.

Times are a changin’

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and this day will take place in Private Kindergarten – similar to Kindergarten, but for young ones like me and my friends whose parents aren’t ready to let them go.

Anyway, Private K is different from what I’ve been doing because it is going to be a lot more learning and work. I’m excited to get started – I woke up early with a smile on my face and was rushing mommy to get us there in time. Once we got there, I showed mommy my new room. There are a lot of books, computers, a stage for puppet shows, a fish, and a turtle (tortuga in Español). I also have like 5 of my close homies with me and some new ones for me to train – hopefully my other homies will help the newbies learn how I like things to run.

We still get to take a nap for an hour if we want to. Daddy keeps telling me that he wishes he had to take a nap every day. I think that’s kind of silly, but mommy wishes she could too so it must be tiring being an adult, because it couldn’t be tiring being my mommy and daddy, right?

Anyway, with all the new and exciting stuff, there is one major life change I am making – I am not bringing Mama Lion to school with me anymore. Now understand, ML has been by my side since I was a kid. I mean she was one of the first things I remember. She has slept with me every day of my life; gone every place I have gone even if she just stayed in the car. We’ve sailed the  seas, flown the friendly skies, gone on road trips,and traveled internationally together – and I’m not just talking about Georgia. Now, she will stay home by herself while I grow up. She will have to trust that I will be safe because she no longer can watch over me and protect me from anyone or anything. She must have faith that others will treat me well and include me in their games. She will have to rely on someone else to care for me during the day and hear from them if my tummy hurts. She’ll have to believe that she will be the first one I hug when I get home. And she will have to find comfort in the fact that she will be the first one I say good morning to and the last one I say goodnight to, both with a hug and a kiss.

As much as she will miss me, I will miss her. She has been my security blanket forever, but I am growing up. That doesn’t mean I will forget though. The video below is a little look back on our time together.

(Side note: I also have a Daddy Lion, but he isn’t nearly as important to me as Mama Lion and I can tell them apart in a second.) 

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