Day 2

So on day two of our family vacation we headed to Sea World. I’m sure mommy and daddy had good intentions, but they had to have known it was going to be over 100 degrees in the middle of August in Texas, right?  And they had to have known we would be walking all day, right? Both were true, but I’m also sure they knew how much fun we would have. I was able to scratch a couple of things off my list of things to do before I turn 5 (subtle mention that my birthday is coming SOON).  Feed dolphins – check. Ride a roller coaster – check. See killer whales  do silly tricks – check. While this doesn’t necessarily make me the most interesting man in the world (about 18 seconds in is my fav), it may very well make me the most interesting 4 year about to be 5 year old (second subtle mention) in the world.

I thought things couldn’t get any cooler than exploring caves, but Sea World sure did give it a run for its money. I mean, who gets to feed dolphins….besides the other few thousand people who were there with us? I didn’t have any problem holding the fish to feed the dolphins, but the smell was pretty bad.  I was able to tolerate it all for the dolphins – Blue Voice anyone? Maybe I’ll just boycott tuna or something more practical for someone of my advancing age (third mention).

I also got to ride a lot of rides, but the most fun for me was riding the roller coaster with mommy. She said that daddy was too scared to ride the roller coaster (daddy didn’t deny it), but that she loved them and would always ride them with me. Did I mention the roller coaster looked like SHAMU – too cool! Oh, and we also rode this big ride that made my tummy tickle so much. It was a water ride that took us so high that when we hit the bottom, we made a huge splash that got us all soaked. It was so scary fun. I do want it noted that the only one of us that screamed was daddy and he screamed like a little girl.

We ended our day watching Shamu do some cool tricks. Those whales are amazing – so big, but can do such cool things with their bodies. Way cool.

We finished the day with dinner at the Magic Time Machine. Food wasn’t great, but the atmosphere was silly. We had Minnie Mouse wait on us and we saw Shaggy and Velma along with some other silly stuff like a salad bar in a car. We also had someone make us all balloon animals. Overall, the day was cool. Next stop – NASA Space Center in Houston.

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