High as a kite…

…the kite that is, of course. My daddy and I went over to visit  pawpaw and grandma Kolias and they got me a huge kite for Christmas. It is so cool. We went to the park and flew the kite. In one of the videos you will see a glimpse of it at the end. Anyway, I think I did pretty good for my first time. Daddy told me that when he was little, grannie would take him to fly a kite and make him wear mittens so he didn’t get his hands burned by the string. That was a different day I guess b/c I’m not sure how that would happen now. He also told me that when he was around 6 years old he was flying the kite and accidentally let it go. He said him and grannie finally tracked it down to some homeowner’s yard…er..tree that is. Check me out….(Oh, and BTW this is where daddy gets his height from.)

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