‘Tis the season…

Mommy, daddy, and I went downtown for the Dickens of a Christmas thing. It felt great outside. Not too cold and definitely not hot – perfect sweatshirt weather. Anyway, the whole downtown was decorated for Christmas, a band was playing, lots of greasy junk food, cool toys, and we got to walk in the middle of the streets. Mommy and daddy told me I couldn’t make a habit of walking in the street, but it was okay that night. We didn’t party all night or anything, but we did have a great time chillin’ and people watching. We also saw some reindeer, goats, sheep, and cows. Below you will see I even got into the cage with some of them.

Be very, very quiet...we're hunting goats

My daddy the goat whisperer

BTW I wouldn’t touch any of the animals except one sheep for a brief moment. Are you kidding me – do you know how much grief this kid got for the swine flu????


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