Galveston – Day 3 & 4

So somehow I missed posting for day 3 – its vacation so all the days blend together and I don’t do schedules so I guess I wasn’t really late.

The last couple of days has been busy with boogie boarding, swimming at the pool, and fishing. I did find out that Tio can’t take a very good picture as you will see below.

Not saying much this post because I got to get my beach on.



Galveston Day 2- The Beach

Smiles are still on everyone’s faces, but one thing I’m learning is that having a sibling is so different from being the only focus in my parents eyes. There are some brothers here that are always trying to get under each other’s skin and they usually do. It’s funny to see how quickly they can push each other’s buttons. The little brother was convinced he got stung by a jelly fish, but turns out his big brother just scratched him with his toenail to scare him – it worked because little brother left the beach with his arm wrapped up.

Anyway, today was all about the beach – sandcastles, waves, boogie boards. The one thing I love to do is run into the waves and see if they can knock me down – the answer is yes, but I get right back up and ask for more. I think I did this for hours. Daddy and mommy kept saying how big I was getting and how much easier it was this year versus last year because they didn’t have to hold me up or jump with me above the waves since I know how to swim and knew to hold my breath this year if I went under – glad I could make your life easier, but just keep this moment in mind when you think I’m a handful – it’s a trade off.

I’ve gotten so big that this year I’m boogie boarding – nothing like water boarding so it’s all good. To me it was like Riding Giants – waves crashing in over me – feeling like I’m on the verge of going out of control, but riding high on the waves – I’m hooked. I think I’m going to be a beach bum/surfer when I get older – I haven’t broken that news to my folks yet, but they seem so happy that I’m doing it now so what’s the big difference, right?

After all that, it was time to chill by building some sand castles. That is really not my forte because we spend all that time making castles that seem to fall in no time – fall or I knock them down that is. whichever, it is relaxing to me – zen if you will.

So far, so great. Keep you posted.

Galveston Day 1 – Road Trip

So time has come for our annual trek to Galveston – if you are a burglar, please do not rob us. This time we are going with some good friends of ours – Tio, Kim, Shad, Tristin, and Brandon. We are going to have so much fun IF WE EVER GET THERE. What should be a 5 hour trip took us over 7 hours to get there once we left our house because we had to meet up with the others. Sounds simple to most everyone, but they were having a problem getting all their stuff in the car. Once that was finally done, we only had to stop 3 more time for a short trip – this doesn’t include the trip to the store to stock up on food and drinks for the week –  insert exasperated cadence here.

Anyway, we finally got there and we are going to be so chillin’ like Bob Dylan. Keep you posted throughout the week. Right now – time to get my beach on playas.

How time flies…

So it has been a month since I last posted – too long – apologies. That being said, I will catch you guys up on what has gone on for the past month as quickly as possible so we can get back on track…..

Hip Hop And I Don’t Stop

Easter was so awesome. Obviously, there is a larger importance than egg hunts and candy, but beyond that, it is pretty cool to get an basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny. You can see in the pics below that the Easter Bunny wrote me a message on our patio when he left me my basket. That afternoon, we went to my Papa Dupree’s house. I got to egg hunt with a few of my cousins and I really cleaned up. Daddy and mommy were really proud of me for not trying to find all the easy eggs – my cousins are younger than me so I had to give them a chance. Anyway, I found plenty of eggs and they all had plenty of candy to eat.

“Parker – This is for you. You are such a good boy. ❤ E.B.”

Ahoy, Matie

Daddy decided to hit the high seas on a cruise without mommy and me. It actually wasn’t all his doing. Papa Kolias actually won a trip through his work and he asked daddy to go with him. Who can blame him for ditching us, right? I would have left mommy and daddy if I was asked. Papa and daddy went to the Bahamas and had a good time. Daddy said he missed me and mommy a lot, but he said he was glad I gave him daddy lion to keep him company. I told him I missed him so bad and I also told him I couldn’t be me without him here. He totally bought it and was like putty in my hand.

Much more happened over the past month, but those were a couple of the highlights. I’ll try to be more current, but I’m almost 6 years old and there is just so much going on for a guy my age.

Life’s a beach….

….or at least I wish it was.

We closed out our vacation in Galveston, but we weren’t closing anything out until we went to the beach. I usually spend time at our community beach club, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing. We spent 5 – 6 hours at the beach mainly playing in the water. At first, I was a little apprehensive about being in water where I couldn’t see the bottom, but jumping a few waves, laughing endlessly, and swallowing a few quarts of salt water helped me get over that pretty quickly. I had mommy and daddy in the water for most of the time we were there. When we were done, we were pooped.

We also built sand castles with moats and tunnels connecting them and the beach was pretty nice – no visible signs of BP’s oil spill. This isn’t to say there are no more effects of the spill, but I don’t want to get too heavy in my post – it’s vacation and I want to chill – okay, a year later and there are still 1.1 million barrels of oil still missing from the spill, but I digress.

Moving on….daddy and mommy did say that when I get a little older, we will go to the Caribbean where the water is so clear you can see your toes wiggle. For now Galveston will have to do and that is alright by me – I had a blast and I’ve got the tan to prove it.

10, 9, 8, 7…..blast off!

So NASA Space Center in Houston was next on our list and since most everything we were going to see was inside, we were pumped. I was pretty excited to see rockets, moon rocks, and space suits. All those were there and some other stuff that was way above my head. We also got to watch a cool video there, play some games, and tour the training facility so I was happy. Whether you believe we really went to the moon or not, this is a definite visit when in the area. I’ll definitely get more out of it when I get older so we will go back a few more times I’m sure.

Day 2

So on day two of our family vacation we headed to Sea World. I’m sure mommy and daddy had good intentions, but they had to have known it was going to be over 100 degrees in the middle of August in Texas, right?  And they had to have known we would be walking all day, right? Both were true, but I’m also sure they knew how much fun we would have. I was able to scratch a couple of things off my list of things to do before I turn 5 (subtle mention that my birthday is coming SOON).  Feed dolphins – check. Ride a roller coaster – check. See killer whales  do silly tricks – check. While this doesn’t necessarily make me the most interesting man in the world (about 18 seconds in is my fav), it may very well make me the most interesting 4 year about to be 5 year old (second subtle mention) in the world.

I thought things couldn’t get any cooler than exploring caves, but Sea World sure did give it a run for its money. I mean, who gets to feed dolphins….besides the other few thousand people who were there with us? I didn’t have any problem holding the fish to feed the dolphins, but the smell was pretty bad.  I was able to tolerate it all for the dolphins – Blue Voice anyone? Maybe I’ll just boycott tuna or something more practical for someone of my advancing age (third mention).

I also got to ride a lot of rides, but the most fun for me was riding the roller coaster with mommy. She said that daddy was too scared to ride the roller coaster (daddy didn’t deny it), but that she loved them and would always ride them with me. Did I mention the roller coaster looked like SHAMU – too cool! Oh, and we also rode this big ride that made my tummy tickle so much. It was a water ride that took us so high that when we hit the bottom, we made a huge splash that got us all soaked. It was so scary fun. I do want it noted that the only one of us that screamed was daddy and he screamed like a little girl.

We ended our day watching Shamu do some cool tricks. Those whales are amazing – so big, but can do such cool things with their bodies. Way cool.

We finished the day with dinner at the Magic Time Machine. Food wasn’t great, but the atmosphere was silly. We had Minnie Mouse wait on us and we saw Shaggy and Velma along with some other silly stuff like a salad bar in a car. We also had someone make us all balloon animals. Overall, the day was cool. Next stop – NASA Space Center in Houston.

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