Galveston Day 1 – Road Trip

So time has come for our annual trek to Galveston – if you are a burglar, please do not rob us. This time we are going with some good friends of ours – Tio, Kim, Shad, Tristin, and Brandon. We are going to have so much fun IF WE EVER GET THERE. What should be a 5 hour trip took us over 7 hours to get there once we left our house because we had to meet up with the others. Sounds simple to most everyone, but they were having a problem getting all their stuff in the car. Once that was finally done, we only had to stop 3 more time for a short trip – this doesn’t include the trip to the store to stock up on food and drinks for the week –  insert exasperated cadence here.

Anyway, we finally got there and we are going to be so chillin’ like Bob Dylan. Keep you posted throughout the week. Right now – time to get my beach on playas.

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