This past week has been awesome! No school Monday or Tuesday because McKinney was a winter wonderland with snow and ice shutting down school – it pretty much shut down the metroplex because this is Texas y’all and we don’t do snow and ice well. Our city essentially shuts down for a couple of days once a year so that isn’t enough for us to remember how to function in this environment. Us kids don’t mind though because it means a snow day for us. Parents may have mixed feelings about snow days – especially after a few days of snow and ice tracked in all over the house. Now teachers I’m sure don’t like snow days because they don’t get to see our faces and hear all of our voices – simultaneously and constantly. Anyway, soon enough (or too soon) we will all be back to normal.

In addition to playing outside, I helped my daddy shovel snow and ice off the driveway and sidewalks – he didn’t even ask me to help – somehow he pulled some Jedi mind trick and made think it was fun. Now our perceptions of my performance varied a bit….

My view…

Dad’s view…

And somewhere between the two lies the truth…

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