My Whips

For those of you that don’t know, whips refer to my rides. You’ve seen my Lil Tikes car and my ATV…

You’ve seen my Big Wheel…

You’ve seen my Jeep…

Now witness my bicycle (w/ training wheels). Mommy and daddy bought me this because I was getting too big for my tricycle and I was being a good boy. I don’t have this down to a science yet, but I don’t really have to have it down with my folks around. I just get on and it moves. Anyway, my bike is pimped out with a semi-custom Spiderman paint job and graphics. My helmet that I am required to wear, but also enjoy wearing because it will protect my brain according to my mommy who works in a traumatic brain injury hospital unit. All I have to say is that when I get this thing down, there is no stopping me.


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