Don’t call it a comeback…

I’ve been around, but it has been less than healthy. First, my daddy got the flu. Technically, he tested negative for the swine, but the doctor overruled the test and treated him for it anyway so if it oinks like swine and walks like a swine….I’m just saying. Then, I got sick. Mine was definitely not the swine flu. Mine was just a cold, but it still wiped me out and had me out of school Tuesday through Friday. Then my mommy got sick. She had a cold like me, but had to miss work for two days b/c she had a fever and they can’t have that at the hospital.

Anyway, today was the first day we all kind of got out in over a week. We went to the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. It was pretty cool. We got to see a lot of military and trick planes. They were doing some tricks where they rolled, flipped, and smoked. There were also several people who jumped out of the plane and did some stunts. There was also a Jelly Belly plane that did some tricks. Overall, it was pretty cool. I think I will enjoy the show a little more when I get a year or two older, but I am glad we went.

Grannie came with us and should be sending some pics from the day. I will upload those when I get them. And I promise I won’t stay away so long from this point on.


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