I blogged about being all better, but I may have spoken a little too soon. Don’t be too concerned, but my tummy aches a little and my throat is still a little soar. No fever or anything like I was before, but not 100% like I stated earlier. I am still taking my meds so that is probably messing with my stomach a little so that should clear up. I am saying my throat hurts, but I am not acting like it because I am still screaming and running around like crazy. Oh well, keep you posted.


Fever in the morning, fever in the night

Your favorite boy has Scarlet Fever. Yes, Scarlet Fever!!

Search WebMD or Wikipedia or any Google search to learn more. I totally thought this was something that was gone back in the 1800s. Evidentally, not! There was a case or two at school a month or so ago, but nothing too major. The upside is that I get to stay home with my daddy and get taken care of – what else is new, right?

Last night I got to sleep in my mommy & daddy’s bed since I was feeling so bad. Tonight I am in my new bed and in my new room. More on that one later – w/ pics.

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