The house that Parker built…

Well, go ahead and home builder to my resume. Yep, I (with the help from my folks) built a sturdy, attractive, custom home like my cousin Michael at Parkview Homes. The only thing is you can’t eat his, but you can eat mine.

This gingerbread house was one of my gifts I got to open from Santa. Now, you’re probably thinking it’s way to early to open gifts from Santa, but you would be wrong. He dropped off an advent calendar and presents at my grannie’s house the other day for her to give to me – I didn’t realize grannie and Santa were so tight – I probably should be extra nice to her. It has little notes to me checking in and seeing if I have been nice or naughty. If I’ve been nice, I get to open a little gift. If I’ve been naughty, I don’t get a gift and I have to figure out how not to get caught. So far, it’s all been nice except for that one time, but I’ve started the appeal process to clear my name.

Anyway, this was the first go at something like this for mommy, daddy, and me. It was harder than any of us thought, but had a lot of fun doing it so we think we will probably make this an annual thing for us to do. Next year, I thinking maybe a two-story home with a media room and pool – I’ll start drafting some ideas.

Casa de gingerbread

I also got this balloon making stuff as a gift on one of my many nice days. Daddy said it was good for huffing – whatever that means – so he didn’t let me do the balloon blowing. I thought it was pretty cool afterward though. This balloon we made look like a heart.

I ❤ you!

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