A much better Friday…

So this Friday already has a leg up on last Friday because none of my favorite teachers left and nobody was trying to inject me with some mysterious liquid they claim is going to make me feel better. This one was just what it was….Friday….Viernes….the end of the week….the beginning on the weekend.

This is just a clip of me hanging with my homies, Caden and Greyson, in class. We were being silly and looking under the table, making silly faces, etc. Then you see me running to daddy when he walks in. I do this every time him or mommy pick me up. They think it is so sweet that I am so happy to see them. They tell me that I can take away all their stresses of the day by being so happy and loving toward them.  Daddy always tells me a story about when we lived in GA. I wasn’t talking or walking yet, but he came home from a hard day at work and I ran over in my walker making all kinds of loud noises to let daddy know I missed him. He says that every day since then, he can’t wait to come home and see me because I still do that same thing – minus the walker and all – I run to him every day and shout “daddy” as he comes in.

Now, I know he loves this and all, but am I suppose to still do that when I’m 16???

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