Take me out to the ball game…

Today was a first for me. Daddy, papa Kolias, and I went to my first baseball game – the Frisco Roughriders. And while we had pretty good seats, I was excited to use my new binoculars that papa gave me. It was pretty hot so we didn’t stay too long, but we had a good time and ate some hot dogs and peanuts. I tell ya, that Harry Caray guy may have been on to something when he use to sing “Take me out to the ball game” all the time.

And you know what, doing guy stuff is pretty cool and doing them with daddy is even better. I’m trying to get him to take me to the Cowboys, but that may be a little ways off. He may want to wait until he is sure I would stay through the whole game before dishing out all that cash first.

Birthday part deaux

So my actual birthday fell in the middle of the week (Wednesday) and I figured it would just be kind of a normal day, but mommy and daddy had other plans. It turns out we all played hooky together. Daddy didn’t go to work, mommy didn’t go to work, and I didn’t go to school. So that kind of makes the day great already, but they asked me what I wanted to do so I said we should go kick it at Chuck-E-Cheese. We had so much fun playing all kinds of games that gave me tickets – I used those tickets to get some cool toys and I’m sure those toys were worth every cent my folks spent on getting the tickets to get them with.  The video below shows me having some fun on a cool game/ride – it made my tummy tickle.

Oh, I almost forgot. Because I turned 4 years old, it was time to leave all my sippy cups out for the sippy cup fairy to come get them and give them to other little boys and girls that need them. So I left all of them outside and sure enough, the fairy came and picked them up and left me all kinds of little Toy Story toys and also left a trail of fairy dust. I’m a believer, are you?

Where my Leos at?

Today is your favorite 4-year old’s birthday – ME!I thought it may have just been me, but daddy and mommy confirmed that my legs are longer today than they were yesterday. I am such a big boy now that I am 4 YEARS OLD!!!

Turning 4 is kind of bittersweet because I made a lot of commitments to mommy and daddy that I had to start doing when I turned 4 like talk to people who say hi to me even in the morning, not give people strange looks when they are just trying to be nice to me, etc. I wonder if there is a loophole since I was just 3 when I committed to that stuff. Keep you posted.

Other fellow Leos born today include: Alex Haley, Arlene Dahl, Morley Safer, Steve Wozniak, Jerry Falwell, Tara Reid, James Holzier, and Hulk Hogan….do you hear me brother (said while ripping my shirt in two).

Horoscope for us Leo’s today: This is an exciting, wonderfully liberating time for you (Uh, yeah. I just turned 4)! You feel exuberant, creative, adventurous, and genuinely excited and enthusiastic about what you are doing (Uh, yeah. I wouldn’t do it otherwise). Fresh ideas and opportunities abound. This is the time to break out of a rut and get involved with lively, creative people and activities.

And here are my Power Numbers today: 49, 3, 26, 11, 2, 10. If anyone hits on these numbers, I get 10% for inspiring you.

She was just 17…

Happy birthday to my cousin Katelyn. She is 17 today. Mommy always says she remembers when she use to change Katelyn’s diapers…..I guess that is what I have to look forward to when I turn 17…..I remember when I use to change your diapers, Parker.

Good times….

Mommy, daddy, and I went over to my buddy Garrett’s house. He has a little sister named Kinsey who is pretty cool, but he is the coolest by far because he and I play all the time. This time, we went over and I got to play with his Spiderman web shooters. They shoot silly string and it was so cool. He is a little faster than me, but I ran as fast as I could to catch him and did a few times. We had so much fun. The coolest thing is that Garrett gave me the web shooters so now I can chase mommy and daddy around our backyard like I did Garrett. (They say they can’t wait.)

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