Rough night

This is a special double post night, but not for the greatest reason. I fell and hit my head tonight on the bathroom tile. I was going to take a shower in mommy and daddy’s shower and I was a little too excited. I went to get my Lightening McQueen towel from my bathroom and tripped over it in mommy and daddy’s bathroom and then….BAM! I’m on the ground with a massive headache and bump on my head. It was just like a Tom & Jerry episode where Tom gets hit on the head and a knot starts to immediately grow (I stole that line from my grannie).

I am feeling okay now and mommy and daddy keep asking me if I’m dizzy or nauseous or how many fingers they have up. So far I am all good. Anyway, check out the pic.


When dinosaurs attack

Papa and grandma Dupree came by to bring me some early birthday gifts on Sunday. I knew they were coming, but I had no clue what they were going to bring me. My mind was racing….could it be a firetruck….a Spiderman….Superman….the anticipation was killing me. Then the doorbell rang and the moment of truth was upon me…..Woody, Jessie, and Rex!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Papa and I were playing with them and then Rex turned on Woody. The picture below show what happens when dinosaurs attack. (Don’t worry, we all talked it out and Rex and Woody are cool again.)

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