Rough night

This is a special double post night, but not for the greatest reason. I fell and hit my head tonight on the bathroom tile. I was going to take a shower in mommy and daddy’s shower and I was a little too excited. I went to get my Lightening McQueen towel from my bathroom and tripped over it in mommy and daddy’s bathroom and then….BAM! I’m on the ground with a massive headache and bump on my head. It was just like a Tom & Jerry episode where Tom gets hit on the head and a knot starts to immediately grow (I stole that line from my grannie).

I am feeling okay now and mommy and daddy keep asking me if I’m dizzy or nauseous or how many fingers they have up. So far I am all good. Anyway, check out the pic.


When dinosaurs attack

Papa and grandma Dupree came by to bring me some early birthday gifts on Sunday. I knew they were coming, but I had no clue what they were going to bring me. My mind was racing….could it be a firetruck….a Spiderman….Superman….the anticipation was killing me. Then the doorbell rang and the moment of truth was upon me…..Woody, Jessie, and Rex!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Papa and I were playing with them and then Rex turned on Woody. The picture below show what happens when dinosaurs attack. (Don’t worry, we all talked it out and Rex and Woody are cool again.)

Happy Birthday Chrissy!

Shout out to my cousin Chrissy. She turns 28 today! I’ve told you about her before – she is the one who is having a baby….girl….boy? We don’t know for sure, but we will soon. She is also the one that tried to help my cousin Bubba catch a snake with a stick. Despite that she can help you buy or sell a house…

Here’s a recent pic of her with her baby bump.

All play and no work (almost)

Man, have I been busy this summer. Yeah, I have to go to school and all, but I have also been putting in my time at the pool. I had to get in shape and I heard that yard work was a good workout so I figured why not. After all, I am a quarter Mexican so it should be inborn to me to do yard work. I know I don’t look it, but I’m part of that tall, fair skinned breed of Mexican.

Below are some pics and video of me “working” in the yard. Not sure how much of a workout I got, but I did run around a lot afterward because daddy was spraying the hose in the air while I would run under it so I guess I did get a little exercise in.

What’s up cuz!

My cousin Lily just started her own blog. Go check her out. She is a little over 2 months old now so her parents, Erin and Mark, are helping her out. Click on the link to the side or on the pic.

Can you keep a secret?

You guys may know me and my dad as charming, witty, good-looking, smart, etc. Well, this is all true…the end….only kidding. While all the above may be a true story, there is more to our story…..we’re really Iron Man and Bumble Bee….here to protect you. We realize that with great power comes great responsibility. Okay, I know I’ve mixed all kinds of super hero stories, but I’m only 3.5 years old so cut me some slack.

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