Happy Birthday Chrissy!

Shout out to my cousin Chrissy. She turns 28 today! I’ve told you about her before – she is the one who is having a baby….girl….boy? We don’t know for sure, but we will soon. She is also the one that tried to help my cousin Bubba catch a snake with a stick. Despite that she can help you buy or sell a house….chrissysatterfield.com

Here’s a recent pic of her with her baby bump.

One Response

  1. Omg! Thank u so much for the shout out!! Makes me feel super special! We are 85% it’s a girl but will know 100% on July 29th. I will keep u guys posted. I already painted the nursery so let’s hope that 85% turns into a 100%. 🙂

    I luv u Parker, Nik & Jer!!

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