Another day at school

Okay, here’s my routine….my folks drop me off at school in the morning. I’m a good boy and all, but I act like I’m not going to be friends with anyone or play or anything. After about an hour, when I know my folks aren’t coming back, I usually cut loose and play with the friends I choose for the day. I guess I don’t want my folks to think I enjoy school. I guess a part of me doesn’t want them to get their feelings hurt or anything thinking I may enjoy school more than time with them. That’s why I act like I do – it really comes from a good place. So you can imagine how surprised I was to see the following video leaked on YouTube. It shows me (khaki shorts and green polo shirt) running around, jumping, and having fun.

I’m not sure who leaked this, but I have my eye on all the kids in my class. One of them is trying to ruin my game….I’m watching you.

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