What a weekend!

Usually my weekends are pretty laid back. I wake up around 7a on Saturdays. My mommy or daddy gets me some milk and something to eat. Then I decide what kind of mood I am going to be in that day. And just b/c I pick one mood at 7a doesn’t mean that I am going to be in that mood at 12p or 8a for that matter. Read the fine print….I reserve the right to change my moods at the drop of a hat for whatever reason I see fit. Don’t believe me? Try me. Then I usually play outside, do a few things with the fam, take a nap, play some more, ride my bike, go to the park, etc. Again, my weekends are fun, but pretty laid back – no schedules.This weekend, at least Saturday, was packed full.

First thing Saturday, I woke up and had my milk and breakfast. Then daddy took me to get my hair did b/c I had a birthday party to go to for one of my little girlies in my class, Alexis.  I usually go to Snip-Its to get my hair did because that is the first place I went to when I moved back to Texas and I don’t like change.

After getting my hair did (and I do look good), I needed to get Alexis a gift. So off to Toys R Us. Now, my mommy and daddy thought I suggested this place b/c I could get a gift for Alexis, but they didn’t know I was working my way into a gift for me. I ended up pocketing a Play-Doh play kit and The Fox and the Hound DVD. Oh yeah, I got Alexis a My Little Pony thing.

So now this brings us to the party. It was at The Little Gym. This was the first time for me to go there and I told my daddy that I liked the place and wanted to go back. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I had to take my shoes and socks off. I don’t really like going barefoot, but daddy and mommy took theirs off so I figured it was okay. So I’m in the gym and checking out the place. I was able to jump on mats, swing on bars, run through tunnels, and even play games. For those of you who don’t know me, this was a big deal. I usually am more reserved, but I was letting it all hang out and laughing, playing, yelling, etc. We then ate some pizza and cupcakes and watched Alexis open her presents. She got some pretty cool stuff. Overall, it was awesome and I can’t wait to go back.

After this, I thought my day was over, but NO. We ended up meeting up with grannie, my great aunt Cyndy, great uncle Ronnie, cousin Chrissy and her husband Michael (they’re expecting – can’t wait to meet my new cousin), cousin Bubba and his girlfriend Mallory. We all went to Pappasito’s for dinner and then went bowling. I’ve been to a bowling alley before, but I’ve never actually bowled. THIS TIME I DID! The bowling alley had this cool thing where I could put my ball on and push it down the lane since I couldn’t hold the ball like everyone else. When I get bigger like daddy I can do it that way.

I didn’t get to bed until late that night so I decided to sleep in the next morning. I went to Tio’s house on Sunday because it was his birthday.

Here is my weekend in pics and videos….

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