Circus, circus

I wasn’t sure what a circus was before mommy and daddy explained it to me. There were two very different descriptions. Mommy said it was a place where I could see animals and clowns do tricks. Daddy said it was a place where clowns tormented people and animals were forced to do things they aren’t naturally designed to do. I wasn’t sure where daddy was coming from, but he did put aside his fear of clowns and backed off his PETA movement long enough for us to enjoy the circus as a family.

We went to the Circus Dallas version, not the Ringling Bros, but I was sitting in the 3rd row so it was still cool. Before the show, they let you ride elephants, horses, and even have a snake draped over you. I told daddy that I would ride the elephant with him so he bought some tickets. When push came to shove, I backed down. He wasn’t upset with me, but he was confused. I tried to tell him that I would ride the elephant with him only. I made no guarantees that I would ride with a bunch of strangers too.  So I backed out of that and we sat down and watched the show.

I think the tigers were the coolest part of the circus, but the elephant was pretty cool, too. I was so shocked to see the elephant do some of the things it did. I thought that was only in the movies. Anyway, check out some of the pics and vids below.

Cotton candy - yum!

I pledge allegiance....

I’m dreaming of a white…Spring???

I always thought the first day of Spring wasn’t official until I built a snowman. Freaky I know, but this is Texas and that’s how we roll. The snow wasn’t like it was last time so we couldn’t roll the snow to make a nice looking snowman. Instead, we had to pile Frosty up. Mommy was being silly and made the snowman evil and had a shovel lodged in it’s snow heart. Too many horror movies as a kid for my mommy. Thank goodness daddy isn’t letting me watch those flicks.

Check out the pics and videos of me and mommy building a snowman. BTW you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and you can updates when I add a new video. And of course, you can see the videos of me I don’t post here.

I’m a cowboy…on a steel frog I ride…

So the week ended on a good note. School was pretty cool. We painted, played, and got tattooed! Daddy picked me up and we went to one of the splash pads around here. We had a blast on the seesaw and then I thought I would get tricky. I started doing tricks on the wild frog they had there. Adults do not try this at home – I am a trained kid.

Blog, blog, blog…

Just wanted to post an action shot of me writing my blog. Firetruck and police car pajamas…can you dig it?!

Heck No, We Won’t Go

I staged my first sit-in protest the other day at school and it was all caught on tape. What was I protesting? The Stretch-N-Grow lady. No one is going to tell me when to stretch and to when to grow. As you can see from the shots below, I was pretty convincing b/c I got my peeps to follow my lead….and even the Stretch-N-Grow lady followed my lead. (BTW I’m the one in the hat and red shirt.)

Weekend at Pawpaw Dupree’s

This past weekend, my mommy and I went to my pawpaw Dupree’s house at Lake Tawakoni. Mommy’s friend, Kathy, came along and brought her two kids, Garrett and Kinsey. We had a blast. Garrett and I ran all over the place. We fished – we didn’t catch anything, but it was still cool being out there. We also got to ride pawpaw’s tractor. I have had opportunities to ride on tractors before but never did. I’m not sure if it was pawpaw or Garrett that made this time different. I have a feeling that with Garrett being a little older than me, that I didn’t want to look like a milksop in front of him – that may be why you don’t see mama lion anywhere in the video below. Anyway, like I said, we had a blast. Garrett is pretty cool and Kinsey isn’t too bad either, but she’s a little sister and we had guy things to do.

Happy Birthday Jon and John

I am suppose to give a happy birthday shout out to a guy, or as my daddy says, a legend named Jon Bon Jovi (48). Daddy says that he has been a fan of Bon Jovi for over 20 years and that he could probably comprise the soundtrack of his life with Bon Jovi tracks. He also tells me that grannie, mommie, and him went to a concert when I was in mommy’s belly. Maybe that is why I got so much rhythm and musical creativity (my drums, guitar, and keyboard don’t lie). He also told me that at that particular concert (the Crush tour) that they sent a text to me on the message board at the arena. Although he admitted that they thought I was going to be a girl at the time and they were going to name me Jessie. I think they upgraded in every way.

Daddy also said that mommy and him danced to Bon Jovi’s Thank You for Loving Me during their first dance at their wedding. He must be great. And, in my opinion, he has gotten better taste over the years. But daddy is quick to point out that this was the look back in the day….it should stay there….back in the day….

Also, on this day, John Cowsill from one of my grannie’s favorite bands, The Cowsills, was also born today 54 years ago. I haven’t seen these guys perform, but my grannie plays their music all the time…..she is always singing Hair to me when my folks mention cutting my hair. She’s loco.

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