Wow! I have had over 500 hits on my blog. Probably not a lot for some, but sure is a lot for a 3-year old. I guess my grannie was pretty busy viewing my blog – she probably should get back to work. Thank you to all and there will be a lot more from me b/c I have a lot to share.


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  1. Well, aren’t YOU the bizziest Bee there EVER WAS … PARKSWAY, eh????

    REALLY COOL … I LOVE IT and wish I could spend allllllllllll day there myself, but I too, like Grannie, must get back to work!!!!

    You have a GREAT day, Parker … and I MISS YOU LOTS!!!!

    (Speaking of planes, do you still have that plane I brought you last time I was out???? Does it still work, or did you wear that puppy out by now!!!!????)

    Give Mom and Dad (and Grannie) a BIG hug from me (once everyone is over their COLDS, that is!!!)


    Auntie Debbie

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