Fly away…

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Kind of crazy around here lately – I’ll get into that at a later date. But my mommy, daddy, grannie, and I had a great day Saturday. We grabbed some breakfast out. It wasn’t the Waffle House, as we all know I love to eat there with my daddy, but it was pretty good. Mommy says she doesn’t like the Waffle House like daddy and I do, but daddy says that’s because she is a girl and Waffle House is a guy thing. Anyway, after eating we went to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum at the Addison airport. I’ve been there before, but there is nothing cooler than being able to see old time planes up close. This time we even got to walk through a real B-24 plane. This is one of only two operational B-24s in the US and available for actual flights around the metroplex. Anyway that was pretty cool. Sure a lot different than the planes I’ve been on in the past. There were no frills whatsoever. Makes you appreciate what our servicemen and women have done for our country even that much more.

Below is a pic of me in the cockpit of the B-24. I was ready to takeoff and fly away.


P at cavanaugh flt museum 92609 036

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