UFC 103

My daddy went to the Ultimate Fighting Championship 103 yesterday. He said that it was an experience to see 17,000+ people there to watch a couple of guys beat the poop out of each other. But he said it was cool. Daddy is into that. He has me working on my ground game pretty often by wrestling around with me. He also tries to teach his best move – the Americana. He said he learned it from his day of jiu-jitsu training with his buddy Troy. Evidently, they tour the metroplex taking free jiu-jitsu classes – not sure that they will ever get a belt that way, but I guess they learn enough to laugh at each other.

Anyway, daddy said he would take me to a UFC when I am older if I was interested in going. He says it is too violent for me right now. So I guess we will stick to having our own UFC matches at home. I am currently 2-19-1 (W-L-T) against daddy, but he only has about another 10 years before I start dominating.

This is a video of a guy from UFC 103 my daddy told me to not be like.


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