I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

Is it any wonder the camera is focused on me? Actually, my Grannie is trying to sweet talk the teacher into moving the camera so I am on it all the time. Evidently, the camera can’t see me when I sit in my chair at the table. It hasn’t worked so far – Grannie may need bigger bribes.

BTW my teacher, Ms. Stephanie, told my daddy I was out of my shell now. She told him that when he picked me up today. I talk to everyone, but not real wild about others playing with my favorite teacher, especially in the morning. Actually, it takes me about an hour at school before I really warm up to anyone in the morning. Funny story, this morning after I punched in the code to get in the door my old teacher was there and tried to say hi to me. My response??? I growled like a baby bear a growling (said in my best Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner’s Daughter accent). She use to be my teacher – she knows better.


School camera

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