They blinded me with science

On Labor Day, my mommy had to work so daddy and grannie took me to the Museum of Nature & Science at Fair Park. My daddy tried to sell me on the fact that Science was interesting, blah, blah, blah….I have to admit it was pretty cool. I think the fun started when grannie and daddy had me pretend I was only 2 years old again. They kept telling me not to say I was 3 or say too much and that I needed to squat down so I was shorter than I am. That was pretty fun. Daddy told me I saved him $5 that day. Wonder what my cut will be.

Anyway, one of the first things I saw when I got into the museum was a skeleton of a dinosaur – T-Rex to be exact. It was huge! So cool. Then I got to play in a big sand box and look for dinosaur bones. I found them, but they were too heavy to lift so I left them there for next time. We also go to see some cool exhibits on electricity, wind, earthquakes, etc. There was also a floor that allowed me and a bunch of other kids my age to play and learn. Pretty cool concept.

Afterward, we tried to go see the dinosaur IMAX movie, but it doesn’t start until the State Fair starts so we’ll have to go back.

Picture to follow….


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