Award of Awesomeness

Yep, I got another Award of Awesomeness from my school. Of course, they try to narrow my awesomeness down into one category – I think so I don’t appear too intimidating to the other kids, but who knows. Anyway, I was Bear of the Month for demonstrating the core value of Trustworthiness. I got to accept my certificate and bear tag in front of the whole school during our Friday Live. My buddy Andrew also got the same award so we got to go up front with me which was pretty cool for us.

Thank you mommy and grannie for coming to watch me. And thanks daddy for not coming to watch me since you had strep throat – I wouldn’t want to be the kid who’s dad got the whole school sick.


Time Flies

It doesn’t seem like it has been nine months already, but my Kindergarten year is over as of today. At 2:51pm today, I will be a FIRST GRADER!! My folks keep telling me I’m growing up so fast and how they want me to stay little so I actually want them walking me into school and giving me hugs – for some reason they think I will outgrow wanting them to do that – sounds silly to me because I will always want them to do that, right?

Anyway, the last week or so has been very eventful at school. At our last Friday Live, I was recognized as Bear of the Month for exhibiting the core value of PATIENCE. Those who know me will get a chuckle out of that one. Those who don’t, give me awards like these and that’s just one of the reasons this Friday Live was the best ever. I also danced my butt off like I hadn’t before. I guess I’ve grown over the year. Another sign of me growing up more is that I lost my other front tooth. So now I sound a little funny saying a few words with an “S” in them.

I really do need to mention that I know I’ve been very fortunate to be in the school I am with the staff and teachers there. They’ve all been extremely engaged and invested in my success. It was more than my folks and I would have imagined. Thank you to all of them and we will see you August.

Last Day of School

Last Day of School

Flashback: 1st day of school

Flashback: 1st day of school

my new shirt from my teacher

Update: my new shirt from my teacher

Andrew and me at the end of year celebration

Andrew and me at the end of year celebration

photo 1

Bear of the Month

October was a great month and perhaps the best on record. Why? Because I was the Bear of the Month at my school…technically, I was one of the Bears of the Month for my Kindergarten class, but the way I prefer to see it was I was THE Bear of the Month. Some may think that this is just something that cycles through the students and that everyone will be at one point or another, but I contend that the math doesn’t work (I sound like Obama there don’t I?). The first clip below shows me accepting my award at our monthly Spirit Day…along with some others that don’t need to be mentioned. Note: I am the only one holding my award up right and waving at mommy, grannie, and daddy. 

The second clip shows our school doing the Thriller dance because we were getting ready for Halloween. And for the record, I do know the Thriller dance, I just exercised my right as an American to abstain from acting like a dancing monkey like the other 500 kids in the gym – even though deep down I kinda want to be one of the dancing monkeys, too.

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