Bear of the Month

October was a great month and perhaps the best on record. Why? Because I was the Bear of the Month at my school…technically, I was one of the Bears of the Month for my Kindergarten class, but the way I prefer to see it was I was THE Bear of the Month. Some may think that this is just something that cycles through the students and that everyone will be at one point or another, but I contend that the math doesn’t work (I sound like Obama there don’t I?). The first clip below shows me accepting my award at our monthly Spirit Day…along with some others that don’t need to be mentioned. Note: I am the only one holding my award up right and waving at mommy, grannie, and daddy. 

The second clip shows our school doing the Thriller dance because we were getting ready for Halloween. And for the record, I do know the Thriller dance, I just exercised my right as an American to abstain from acting like a dancing monkey like the other 500 kids in the gym – even though deep down I kinda want to be one of the dancing monkeys, too.

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