School’s Out

“School is out and it’s a sort of a buzz
And back then I didn’t really know what it was
But now I see what have of this
The way that people respond to summer madness…..
….Summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind”

The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff said it best – school is out and summertime begins! Second grade is a thing of the past (queue Boyz II Men) and now, I’m a 3rd grader, baby!.

We ended the year with bounce houses, free play, technology day, games, etc. I just assume this is how it has always been, but evidently there was a time when the last day of school was spent cleaning out your locker and returning your books, and nothing much more — man, the 80’s don’t sound like much fun.

Over the past year, I continued to grow  and push myself to do new things that were difficult for me to do in the past — I increased the number of friends I speak to, spoke in class, competed in the spelling bee, and was even silly in class from time to time enough to where every kid in my class knows I love pigs. Part of the reason I was able to grow was because of my wonderful teacher. Mrs. Blazek allowed me to explore myself more and made sure I had opportunities to grow in my own way. Oh, and she also helped me with my writing, math, and science, too. I’m going to miss her, but I know she’ll always be looking out for me as long as I’m at school.

Now, I get to wait and see who my teacher is next year and figure out what more I will accomplish. Whatever the goals, I will push to achieve them.

Now this is where I would normally say, “here’s a look back at my first days in school. Stay tuned for my 3rd grade pic.” Unfortunately, my parents say they can’t find my pic from the first day of 2nd grade. I wonder if they even took one. What? Is it a “if you’ve seen one first day, you’ve seen them all” approach??? Come on people, I’m only going to each grade once (hopefully). Show somebody you love me – geez!

And here are some crazy pics of me and some friends I took on my iPad on the last day of school.


For #TBT today we are going all the way back to 8/26/13 – the first day of 1st grade. Why? because today is the last day of 1st grade, baby! Now, there’s a 2nd grader up in here!! Woot, woot!!

Time Flies

It doesn’t seem like it has been nine months already, but my Kindergarten year is over as of today. At 2:51pm today, I will be a FIRST GRADER!! My folks keep telling me I’m growing up so fast and how they want me to stay little so I actually want them walking me into school and giving me hugs – for some reason they think I will outgrow wanting them to do that – sounds silly to me because I will always want them to do that, right?

Anyway, the last week or so has been very eventful at school. At our last Friday Live, I was recognized as Bear of the Month for exhibiting the core value of PATIENCE. Those who know me will get a chuckle out of that one. Those who don’t, give me awards like these and that’s just one of the reasons this Friday Live was the best ever. I also danced my butt off like I hadn’t before. I guess I’ve grown over the year. Another sign of me growing up more is that I lost my other front tooth. So now I sound a little funny saying a few words with an “S” in them.

I really do need to mention that I know I’ve been very fortunate to be in the school I am with the staff and teachers there. They’ve all been extremely engaged and invested in my success. It was more than my folks and I would have imagined. Thank you to all of them and we will see you August.

Last Day of School

Last Day of School

Flashback: 1st day of school

Flashback: 1st day of school

my new shirt from my teacher

Update: my new shirt from my teacher

Andrew and me at the end of year celebration

Andrew and me at the end of year celebration

photo 1

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