Santa has trust issues

What happened to the good ol’ days when a boy could tell Santa he had been nice and Santa bought it trusted him? All I know is one day my home was a place where I could be my “angelic” self in private, the next day I have an elf standing guard. Elf on the Shelf just showed up one day and my life hasn’t been the same since. I mean, I’m excited to meet a real elf, but a little creeped out by the fact he is always smiling and doesn’t seem to blink.

He said his name was Buddy and his job was to report back to Santa on how naught or nice I’ve been. Every night after we all go to bed, he sneaks out of the house and up to the North Pole and gives his report. Then, he races back to my house and hides in a new place for me to find him. The rules are that I can do or say whatever I want to Buddy, but he can’t talk back to me. So I can tell him what I want for Christmas or tell him stories, but he can’t respond in any way to me. I think he’s silly because he just sits there with a smile on his face. Mommy, daddy, and I try to make him laugh by dancing and shaking our booties at him, but so far he’s been a rock – no laughing or anything. Another rule is that no one can touch him because his magic will wear off and we don’t want his magic to wear off because then he couldn’t get back to the North Pole to tell Santa how good I’ve been. Hmmm, now if I decide to go to the dark side I’m going to have to get my hands on that little sucker. Oops, I shouldn’t have documented my evil plan….back to my inner angel.

Mommy and daddy think I am being super sweet because Buddy is around – always kissing them and telling them how much I love them and asking “please” – but I would say I’m like this all the time and they just don’t fully appreciate my efforts year-round. It doesn’t hurt that I also received an advent calendar from Santa one night. Every day up until Christmas, I get a little note from Santa on the calendar and if I was sweet to my parents, brushed my teeth, said my prayers, and all that other crap good little boys are suppose to do, then I can open a small gift under the tree. So far they have been great gifts – little activity books, craft-type things, stickers, etc.

Some might say this is a bribe to make me be a good little boy for one month of the year. I would argue that I’m just getting my due for the other 11 months of pure joy I bring to everyone else. I guess it’s all perspective. C’est la vie.

Here are some pics of Buddy and where he’s hidden so far or you can click on the link below to see his scrapbook. I’ll keep you posted on how the elf thing is working out in a few days.


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  2. […] we’re pretty much up to date on everything except for one thing…..BUDDY IS BACK IN TOWN! Yep, my own personal elf is back in town and I love me some Buddy. First, he […]

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