Daddy came across a story on Zach Sobiech. He was 17-years old at the time and had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that mostly strikes children. While the prognosis was grim, daddy was moved by his seemingly peaceful outlook on his short future. He had chosen to spend the remaining bit of his life making a difference to his family and friends and trying to raise funds to fight the disease that was taking his life. The result was him creating a song that summed up his thoughts and feelings about his fate that went to #1 on iTunes and inspired many celebrities to “sing” his song as a tribute to him and to help awareness for his cause (video below) – Clouds. Zach passed away on May 20th, but his video and his cause continue to be viewed by many – what a great way to say goodbye.

And we’ll go up, up, up

But I’ll fly a little higher

We’ll go up in the clouds because the view is a little nicer


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