Perfect Storm

Tuesday was one of those days where excitement, achievement, and fulfillment all came together for one person – me! It all started off first thing in the morning when I got to school. For anyone who knows me, they know I tend to be rather selective with whom I communicate with. While I typically take a “that’s me so deal with it” attitude, I really do want to talk and communicate more than I do – I just get nervous sometimes and that usually wins out. But I’m determined to push through that so I set a goal with my folks that I would wave “hi” to my principal in the morning.

That may not sound like a big deal to a lot of people, but keep in mind for the 4 years I’ve been in some sort of daycare or school system, I’ve never waved or even acknowledged anyone on my way into the building so this would be a big deal if I actually follow through.     Today was the day that I stepped up and looked my nerves in the eye and said not today  – today I will be stronger than any shard of anxiety or fear – today I will take control – today I will reward this kind lady (principal) for her efforts in regularly trying to reach out to me for the past 8 months to no avail. Today, I waved!

While the principal, assistant principal, and daddy all played it off like it was no big deal I get the sense that as I walked down the hall to my class they were all high-fiving, talking about how amazing I was (I have anxiety, not low self-esteem) and how proud they are of me. Truthfully, I was proud of myself and you could tell it in my body language.

That was just the first great part of the day. In PE we played baseball and I was one of the few kids that was able to hit the ball when it was pitched to me opposed to setting it up on a tee. Now I started rounding the bases like I do at home, but we were only suppose to go one base per hit. Kind of embarrassing, but everyone got to see my slugging power and chicks dig the long ball.

The icing on this wonderful day of cake was Magic Mike. He sounds more like something mommy had to pay a cover charge for, but he was actually a magician our school brought in for an after school event. He could make eggs appear out of nowhere and bunnies change colors – all by magic. He was pretty funny too because he juggled a basketball, smelly shoe, and smelly pig – too funny – it had all of us kids rolling.

All in all it was a great day brought on by the perfect storm – magic, baseball, and waving.


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