Give me my shoes

My daddy is always referencing the old adage, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” I’m sure I’ll grasp the whole concept one day, but right now I think the kid in the link below needs to get a grasp of the message – I’m with you brother – gimme some Nike Free Runs or Adidas like Run DMC.

I washed the dirt and sand off his pear.

Daddy is a Fool!

It obviously goes without saying that I pick up little things from my parents, e.g., I get short-tempered when playing Super Mario Bros just like daddy does. He says it is because he gets so worked up and wants to win. It gets kind of annoying to me when he is telling me not to go there or do that in the game, but that doesn’t stop me from doing the exact same thing to mommy or grannie when they play with  me. There are a number of things I’ve picked up from both parents, but I want to talk about one specific thing I picked up from mommy.

We just love us some April Fool’s Day. For 23 years of daddy’s life, he never really had anyone try to trick him on April 1st, but about 15 years ago, someone started – mommy. And about 2 years ago, daddy had to worry about 2 people – mommy and ME!

This year, daddy had to go out of town and grannie was taking me to school since mommy was working. Daddy always stresses when someone other than mommy or him take me to school because of the routine, etc. I thought this was the perfect scenario for me to take advantage and I had grannie text him saying I had a fever and needed to stay home. Daddy started freaking because he was out of town, mommy was at work, and he didn’t want grannie to have to stay home with me. We finally told him he was an April Fool. Mommy was proud of me for thinking of that all by myself. Oh daddy, you’re such an easy mark. I’m still laughing.

I only look sweet

I only look sweet

Bunny Hop…

…right up to my door. Yep, E.B. (Easter Bunny) dropped by my place again this year. This time, I had a couple of surprises for him, but he had a few for me.

A day or so before Easter, I thought to myself – why should Santa be the only one to get something to eat on his route around the world? – no offense  Santa if you’re reading this. So I made E.B. a special egg so he wouldn’t get hungry. I also left him a note in chalk since I know how to spell this year – he had to be surprised by that.

He wrote me a note as well and left me a basket, but this year he left me a lot of eggs to find and some where bigger than my head. And the day just got better because I got to do another egg hunt with my cousins at Papa Dupree’s house.

Check out the videos below and pardon me being in my underoos, but I was excited.

P.S. Thank you Jesus for dying and rising to save us from our sins.

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