I’m going the distance

Friday was our annual Boosterthon Fun Run to raise money for our school so that we can be safer. The goal is to run 35 laps that are 1/16 of a mile long in about 45 minutes. We had to get people to pledge a certain amount of money per lap (or a flat fee). This was obviously the first year for me to run this so I didn’t really know what I could do. My goal was to do my best and outrun everyone.

So the morning comes and it is a near-freezing 37 degrees outside and I’m thinking I will freeze to death before I run 2 laps, but I quickly manned up and said I can do this. Besides, I knew mommy and daddy were going to be there to mark laps on the kids so I knew they would warm me up if I started turning blue. Turns out that after I started running I started to get warm and even thirsty.

So the start of the race is announced and I get my Forest Gump on and run like the wind blows…1 lap down…I got this….4 laps…no sweat…10 laps….no problem….16 laps…starting to get a little tired here….20 laps….real tired here…22 laps….I’m tired, but I will not give up – let’s go….26 laps….30 laps – that was the school’s goal, but I’ve got more to go…32 laps….35 LAPS, but I’m not finished because my goal was to outrun everyone….40 laps….41…42…43 laps and the time is up. 2-1/2 miles later and I didn’t stop, they had to stop me.

I didn’t outrun everyone, but I do know that mommy and daddy didn’t see more than 2 kids with more laps than me from what they were marking so I did outrun most and more than I thought I could so I’m proud of that, but I can still get better…..bring it on Boosterthon 2014!



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