Bunny Hop…

…right up to my door. Yep, E.B. (Easter Bunny) dropped by my place again this year. This time, I had a couple of surprises for him, but he had a few for me.

A day or so before Easter, I thought to myself – why should Santa be the only one to get something to eat on his route around the world? – no offense  Santa if you’re reading this. So I made E.B. a special egg so he wouldn’t get hungry. I also left him a note in chalk since I know how to spell this year – he had to be surprised by that.

He wrote me a note as well and left me a basket, but this year he left me a lot of eggs to find and some where bigger than my head. And the day just got better because I got to do another egg hunt with my cousins at Papa Dupree’s house.

Check out the videos below and pardon me being in my underoos, but I was excited.

P.S. Thank you Jesus for dying and rising to save us from our sins.

photo (1)

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