Parents – Don’t Read

This is for all the kids out there….if you want to learn how to get your parents to think you are the sweetest kid in the world AND let you do just about anything you want AND buy you things, then continue reading.

Mommy, daddy, and I were all laying on the bed talking and then out of nowhere it came to me – I gently gave mommy and daddy a hug and said in my most innocent, sincere, and loving voice…..wait for it….”I’m so glad God picked you to be my parents. You’re the best ones for me.” BOOOYAH!!!!! I should be writing greeting cards or something.

You should have heard mommy and daddy carry on about how sweet I was and how much they loved me. And they are always hugging on me and telling me they love me. And the best part is that they really haven’t said no too much to anything I’ve wanted lately. Actually, they never really did – they know that will come back to bite them when I get older. But if I time these precious moments right, I should be able to get away with stuff for a long time.

This stuff is gold, I know. Kids, feel free to subscribe to my blog or send me questions on what to do. Just make sure to clear your browser history so your parents don’t know where you’re getting this great material.



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