School is in Session

For the first time in about 90 days, tonight is a school night. Yep, that’s right – school starts tomorrow. New school, new teachers, new friends to teach the ropes on how to handle me. It is always worth it when I get them to understand, but the process is long and some are just slower to come around.

Anyway, I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I’m nervous about everything being new and me not knowing what to do. I’m excited about being in a big school with a lot of people and learning so much. Mommy and daddy tell me to focus on what I’m excited about and that will be enough to keep me pumped and eager to learn – we’ll see.

A couple of cool things about going back to school is that I got a whole bunch of new clothes, new shoes, and I got to go to Waffle House today. Not so cool is that I had to get my hair did – that’s how mommy and daddy say hair cut. I sure hope their not teaching me the wrong way like they did with me calling the police the po-po – so glad that got corrected.

So tomorrow mommy and daddy will walk me to my class and take a bunch of pictures. I stay there for about 7 hours and then they pick me up and quiz me about everything that happened the whole day. Fortunately, they get to walk me to class every day for the first week, but the second week on they only get to walk me to a certain point and then it is up to me to find my way. I’ve got a pretty good memory so I’m not  too concerned with that, but it will be a little intimidating with so many kids.

Wish me luck!


Not liking this one bit, but really don’t like daddy taking pics and making faces

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