“I hope Heaven has a water park”

My great uncle Donald passed away the other day and the funeral was Monday. This put me in a pensive mood and I started asking daddy about Heaven. I asked what it was like and how old we would be and who would all be there. Daddy said that everything I think is cool and fun would be there – soccer balls, bicycles, swings, Angry Birds. Then he told me to think about everyone I love and they would be there, too. Besides obviously my family, I started thinking of my cat that we had to put to sleep, Phoebe. She was about 17 years old. Daddy said she would be there. I told him that it wouldn’t be just her bones, but rather her spirit and that Heaven was for our spirits.

I was also asking how old we would be in Heaven and daddy told me he thought we would get to pick what age we wanted to be. He said he wanted to be 32 because that’s how old he was when I was born and that was the best year of his life. I told him I wanted to be 5 because this has been the best year of my life. I told him I hope mama and daddy lion would be there, too. And because daddy and I spent all day Saturday at Paradise Springs (the Gaylord Texan water park), I told daddy I hope Heaven has a water park. What do you hope it has?

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