Summer lovin’

So what have I been up to since I am out of school for the summer – whatever I want bitches! That may have been a bad word, but not sure because mommy uses it all the time and it seemed like it fit there. Daddy would never talk that way….

Anyway, the summer started with me doing all kinds of work around the house. In fact, Grannie and I planted flowers the first weekend I was out and they still look good. After the initial bit of work, I’ve been staying up super late – sometimes later than mommy and daddy. I have been waking up super late which mommy and daddy like on the weekend. I’ve also been getting chocolate wasted as much as possible.

My buddy Greyson came over and we had a blast. Seems like that 8 hours of non-stop play flew by for us. We played inside, outside, inside again, and outside again. We had toys out everywhere. He is coming over again next week – can’t wait.

The other thing I have been doing is working on my tan at the beach club and pool. Relax – I’m not being raised by the Tanning Mom. The sun has to get through my SPF 65 before it damages my delicate epidermis. I have also started swimming under water. I’n pretty good at holding my breath. And I wear a mask that covers my nose so I don’t get any water up my nose – that helps give me confidence.

I have big plans for the rest of the summer so you will have to check back to find out what your favorite 5-year old is up to.



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