The Graduate

Tonight was THE night – I graduated from Private Kindergarten. I have the option to go into first grade next year, but my mommy and daddy are putting me into the public school system as a kindergartner since my birthday is so late (Aug 11 – put it on your calendars). They thought it might be beneficial for my development and so does this 60 Minutes segment on “Redshirting Kindergarteners” (very interesting for other parents of late birthday kids). They wanted me in some formal program for this past year so that is how I ended up in the Private K class.

Anyway, back to the subject of ME…..GRADUATING!! Mommy, daddy, and grannie kept saying they were so proud of me and that made me feel proud of myself. It was like I wasn’t even me. I was totally nervous, but I put on my brave face and took pictures with everyone and smiled and even said our poem – I didn’t scream the words like some of my other friends, but I was saying it loud and proud. I could say a lot, but these pics say so much and the video isn’t too bad either except for the brief period where daddy let the camera focus on the table. BTW I think mommy and daddy are happy/sad about me graduating and growing up.

Oh, before I forget, thank you to Mrs. Dutler – she was so sweet and kind to me and made my parents feel confident she would teach me well and wouldn’t put any unnecessary anxiety on me in school. Thank you Ms. Layla because she was just so sweet to me at all times. She always use to say I was her favorite and that always gets you places with me and my family. And a last shout out to all my hommies in Private K – Greyson (see you this summer at the pool), Brock, Joshua V, Joshua S, and Jaxon. You were my main posse for the past 3 years. Wish there could be more, but time to move on – like a rolling stone, baby.


How time flies…

So it has been a month since I last posted – too long – apologies. That being said, I will catch you guys up on what has gone on for the past month as quickly as possible so we can get back on track…..

Hip Hop And I Don’t Stop

Easter was so awesome. Obviously, there is a larger importance than egg hunts and candy, but beyond that, it is pretty cool to get an basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny. You can see in the pics below that the Easter Bunny wrote me a message on our patio when he left me my basket. That afternoon, we went to my Papa Dupree’s house. I got to egg hunt with a few of my cousins and I really cleaned up. Daddy and mommy were really proud of me for not trying to find all the easy eggs – my cousins are younger than me so I had to give them a chance. Anyway, I found plenty of eggs and they all had plenty of candy to eat.

“Parker – This is for you. You are such a good boy. ❤ E.B.”

Ahoy, Matie

Daddy decided to hit the high seas on a cruise without mommy and me. It actually wasn’t all his doing. Papa Kolias actually won a trip through his work and he asked daddy to go with him. Who can blame him for ditching us, right? I would have left mommy and daddy if I was asked. Papa and daddy went to the Bahamas and had a good time. Daddy said he missed me and mommy a lot, but he said he was glad I gave him daddy lion to keep him company. I told him I missed him so bad and I also told him I couldn’t be me without him here. He totally bought it and was like putty in my hand.

Much more happened over the past month, but those were a couple of the highlights. I’ll try to be more current, but I’m almost 6 years old and there is just so much going on for a guy my age.

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