’twas the days after Christmas

I haven’t had time to write because I’ve been so busy with seeing family, enjoying the season, and PLAYING WITH ALL MY PRESENTS! Santa is either a forgiving soul or he doesn’t do a lot of research when determining who has been naughty or nice. I mean I was like 90% nice and all, but I did have my moments of shall we say less than nice. But Santa sure did treat me good. Bicycles, dinosaurs, super heroes, AND a pretty little kitty. I was totally hoping I would get a kitty and Santa came through for me. I know what you’re probably thinking – I should have asked for a pony. If I had known it was going to be that easy, I probably would have. There are still more Christmases in my future so I need to practice saying giddy-up!

On a somewhat sad note, I had to say goodbye to Buddy – my elf on the shelf. Santa said that he would check in on me from time to time to say hi and see how I’m doing. I sure was hoping he could stick around forever because I really liked trying to find him every morning.


On a serious note, I do know that there is a bigger meaning to Christmas and in that I believe and am grateful.

Happy Holidays to all and stay tuned for my annual Christmas video coming soon.



Patches, mommy, and me

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