My bad

Wow, has it really been over a month since I posted last??? That means I didn’t keep one of my New Year’s resolutions for even a day. My bad. It’s probably because I got an iPad and have been busy with Angry Birds and Words with Friends – I feel you Alec!!

So this past weekend, mommy had a girlie day with her best friend who is getting married and the rest of the bridal party (mommy is the matron of honor so she rules). Since she was doing the girlie stuff, I got my crew (daddy) together and we got our tough on by going to see Beauty and the Beast – thug life, baby. Yes, I have that movie at home, but what I don’t have is that movie in 3D and stadium seating. I’m usually out on the whole 3D thing, but this movie was definitely worth it for me. All the dancing dishes, candles, furniture, etc. was the bomb, especially when they were singing “Be Our Guest” – I saw daddy dancing in his chair to that one. Things got real intense with the action scenes because it was like the wolves were jumping right out at me – so cool. I would highly recommend this movie in 3D to any other boys and girls out there.

So now starts a new resolution to be better at posting.



My kitty Patches


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