All aboard!

I got to ride on my first real train the other night on the North Pole Express. Mommy, daddy, and I went to the North Pole on the train. It was kind of strange that we had to go to Grapevine first, but I guess every train has to start somewhere. Anyway, Grapevine fancies itself as the Christmas Capital of Texas. And their claim is pretty legit – the whole downtown strip is decorated nicely and they have a place by the train that you can “ice” skate, get hot chocolate, and ornaments. The funny thing is that I wore my pajamas when I went there because the kids were suppose to wear them. That sounded cool to start, but it sure was cold – still a silly good time.

On the train we had someone singing Christmas songs the whole time – she was kind of silly. When we finally got to the North Pole, Santa came on board. The whole train went wild when they saw him – I mean Justin Bieber doesn’t have anything on this old classic. So Santa came on the train and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and then he went from kid to kid giving them a very special gift. I wasn’t quite sure what the gift was, but I know I wasn’t about to pass it up even though I don’t like getting my picture taken with Santa. This time I had to give a little on that one. So when he came to me, he extended his hand with a very special bell and I reached out and grabbed it from him (nicely, of course) – that was such magical moment. I mean last time I was that close to Santa was when I was 2 and I was screaming to get out of his death grip.

The bell is a special bell because whenever I ring it and angel gets its wings. I’ve been ringing it a lot so you’re welcome angels – just remember that and make sure you look after me a just a little more than usual…..Parker’s Angels has a ring to it, don’t you think?

Big ornaments - that's how we do in Texas y'all!



It started snowing on the way to the train



I think I saw him


There he is!!


Santa...Mr. Claus if you're Naughty


How sweet do I look???



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