Have I been Nice or Nice?

When people ask me if I’ve been Naughty or Nice what do they think I’ll say? I mean they’re asking me to rat myself out. And my parents will say I’m always a good boy. Like they’re going to admit to raising a kid that has been naughty all the time. This is actually a win/win situation for me. Anyway, the truth of the matter is that I’ve been great. Sure I’ve had my moments, but who hasn’t – stone…..glass houses….anyone?

Believe but you will, but I’m still getting PAID! I’ve been able to open gifts from Santa for my advent calendar every day! That has to say something about me, right? Although the question was asked by Grannie as to what I would have to do to be considered naughty enough to not get my daily gift. I’ve gotten pretty close to not getting my gift, but haven’t quite gotten there just yet. The trick is to always throw in the ‘ol “I love you so much (insert name).” And for those particularly hard-to-melt hearts I throw in the biggest hug ever. I’ve never had to go any further than that because they are always putty in my hands by then.

I’ll get back to you later to tell you whether I’ve been “naughty” or nice 😉

Here’s a buddy update.


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