Open up and say Ahh!

Nope – I’m not talking about Poison’s second album, although that album did have Every Rose Has Its Thorn. I’m talking about my first visit to the dentist. I know I’m 5 years old and all and this is my first time to the dentist, but I can’t make appointments so blame my parents for this one. Oh well, it’s all good. All 20 of my teeth are still there and looking good – no cavities, plenty of space for my adult teeth to grow in, and pearly white. The dentist was pretty cool. He just poked around a little bit and showed me how the tools worked and then put some polish on my teeth to make them stronger. He said I couldn’t eat or drink for 30 minutes afterward and that was like putting me in the middle of the desert. I was soooo thirsty and then my tummy started growling. I thought that 30 minutes would never end. Anyway, it was a good day.

I'm not so sure about this

Ok, I have a bib to play with

"Why are you asking me questions Doc???"

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