Catching up….Happy Halloween

There’s a bunch to cover with Thanksgiving and all, but I’ve been told that I need to address Halloween. Yeah, it was almost a month ago, but it was such a good time that it does deserve some attention. I mean there was costumes, candy, and roaming the streets at night – what’s not to love?

I thought Halloween was going to be a fairly normal ghoulish night with mommy and daddy taking me trick-or-treating and grannie manning the door for other trick-or-treaters. I was shocked when grannie showed up in costume as one of my superhero sidekicks and came with us. It was so cool and sweet to see my grannie dressed up. She really made all of us smile. We didn’t cheat anyone out of candy. We left a bowl outside which was probably gone after the first few heathens came by. Whatever the case was I was busy collecting my own bag of treats.

Batman and Batgirl ready for action!


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